Hello. This is Kazu from Lightmarks EV Rental.

Today, I would like to introduce a quick charger for Tesla and how to use it.

“How to use quick charge a Tesla?
“How long does it take to fully charge? ” 

For those of you who have such questions, I have put together a simple and easy-to-understand summary!
Without further review, let’s get started.

TESLA Super Charger

tesla super charger

The most famous way to charge tesla is using super charger.

It’s the specialized charging station that only tesla vehicle can use.

But unfortunately, there is no tesla super charger inside of Okinawa so this is not going to be our option for this time.

If you are traveling in mainland Japan, there are some places that equip with tesla super charger so if you want to know more detailed information, please check out tesla official website.

EV quick charger CHAdeMO

EV quick charger in Japan CHAdeMO

The second is EV quick charger CHAdeMO. This is a quick charger that can be used with a wide variety of electric vehicles .

These are installed everywhere from hotels and commercial facilities, convenience stores and expressway SA / PA.
Currently, there are nearly 8,000 locations in Japan, and it is characterized by its high penetration rates.

While it can be easily recharged in many places, the charging speed is slightly inferior to that of a supercharger.
Depending on where you use it, it takes about 1 hour to fully charge.

In addition, CHAdeMO has a charging time of 30 minutes.
It is considered bad manners to use the battery more than twice in a row, so this charging method is positioned as a temporary charging method.

Regarding fees and payment methods, it is in the form of registering in advance with an authentication card.
You can use them by paying a monthly fee or an automatic payment usage fee.

By the way, if you use our rental car, we will lend you this authentication card for free, and you
can use it freely without additional charge.

Tesla mobile connector

As a note, when using CHAdeMO with Tesla , you need to use an adapter like the image above.

In addition, for those who use our rental car, we also lend it free of charge.

Please check here for more detailed demonstration how to use CHAdeMO.


We have summarized the types of quick chargers that can be used with Tesla and how to use them.

The charging method for electric vehicles can be confusing, but once you understand it, you will be able to use it without any problems.

Lightmarks EV Rental provides the latest Tesla rental in Okinawa with generous customer support so that even beginners of electric vehicles can drive with peace of mind.

We can also guide you to charging facilities that suit your itinerary.
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