2023.04.22 New Open

Rent a Tesla in OKINAWA

Have a comfortable ride with TESLA in Okianwa!
Providing with full charge and no need to recharge before the return!
You can use 20+ charging spots all around Okinawa for free!
We provide 24/7 online support in case of emergency.

Rent the latest TESLA model from 19,200/JPY!

We have latest TESLA model 3 and TESLA model Y
from 19,200/JPY a day! (12hrs MAX)

1night 2 days 22,400JPY (24hrs MAX)
2nights 3 days 41,600 JPY (48 hrs MAX)
etc…  We also have some special discount for a long-term user!

It’s included with all the charging fee & insurance fee!

Charging fee included!

Ready with full charge

We give your car with full charged (80%+).
If you are only traveling around for a few days, most of times it should be enough.

A 100% charge allows for a range over 430km(267miles)

With 100% of charge, Tesla Model3 can run more than 430km (267miles).
With 80% of charge, it can run around 350km(217miles).

You’ll have enough range to drive around Okinawa. 

Free charging card provided.

You’ll have free charging card that you can use at more than 20 spots that provides fast charger.

It’ll give you about 80% recharge within 30 mins. Please enjoy the time with some coffee.

Adapter is provided

If you’re staying a hotel with EV stands, we’ll provide the adapter if necessary.

No need to recharge before the return

You don’t need to recharge your car before returning. Please come straight back to the shop.

Having trouble or questions? We have 24/7 support with Line App

Feel free to contact with staffs with LINE about the useage of car, charging etc…



The insurance will cover everything in case of the accident

All the car is provided with fully covered with insurance. Insurance fee is included with the plan

Personal injury: No limit
Property damage: No limit
On-boarding personal injury: Up to 10,000,000 JPY
Personal disability conpensation: Up tp 50,000,000 JPY
Car Insurance: Total Loss Coverage(Deductible of 100,000 JPY)

Reserve from LINE

All the support while traveling is provided with LINE App.

Add us as a LINE friend, and feel free to request a quote or make a reservation!

Feel free to reserve or ask questions.

20+ free charging spots around Okinawa

There are more than 20 charging spots you can use in cityside and on highways. Free charging card comes with the car so feel free to use it while you’re eating or having coffee break.

Tesla Model 3 or Y

Charging fee, tax, insurance all included.

  • Same-day use(12hrs Max):19200 JPY
  • Up to 24 hours:22400JPY
  • Each additional 24 hours:19200 JPY
  • Each additional hour:3200 JPY

    20% is added when it’s the peak season ( July & August )

During the peak season (July & August), there will be an additional 20% charge.


19,200 JPY〜


12 mins from Naha International Airport

 Shop location:279-2 Tohashina Tomigusuku city Okinawa Pref.    or   沖縄県豊見城市渡橋名279-2 


Approximatly 12 mins (1600JPY) from Naha International Airport by TAXI.
( The shop is next to Yone shokudo (与根食堂), so please tell the driver if you got any problem ).

※ We don’t have a shuttle car but we might be able to send you to the airport after you return the car if staffs are not occupied.

Bussiness hours:8:00 – 20:00,open all year around.

If you are coming with your own car, you can park the car while you are rentaling the car (1 spot availlable for 1 car renting).


Do you have a child safety seat availlable for rent with the car?

Yes, we provide the seat availlable for free.
Please inform us
the age of your children and the number of your child via LINE message or via remarks section during the reservation process.

It's my first time driving an EV car, and I'm worried about the charging issue. Could you help me when I have any trouble?

Yes, no problem at all.

We will rent you a car with full charged which provides more than 400km or 248miles of running range. And you don’t need to recharge the car before you return the car. In most cases, if you are using the car only for two-three days, you don’t need to be worried about any charging problems.

Even if you need to charge your car, since we provide you a free charging card, you can charge the car at more than 20+ locations around Okinawa. You can also text us on LINE anytime when you get any troubles or questions along the way.


Some hotels have its own charging facilities inside the hotel parking lots. If you can use the charging station there, feel free to use the spots. When necessary, we can provide the charging adapter that fits to the charging station. So please inform us the hotel that you are staying at beforehand. If you don’t know if the hotel that you are staying at has the facility, we can help and check that out. So let us know if you need it.

Also we can provide the best route or timing for the recharging to finish your trip if you could inform us of the places you are going to visit. So please feel free to ask any kinds of questions at any time on LINE.

Can we go to the shop by a private car, and park it at your shop during the period that we rent your EV car?

Yes, you can.
You can park your own car while you are renting our car.

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